Wild Cow Strengthening Shampoo

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With an unstoppable mix of energising Lemongrass, invigorating Ginger and reviving Rosemary essential oils, Wild Cow is perfect for when you want to start the day on a high or a night out with a bang.

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• Strengthening shampoo with a light, oriental fragrance
• Lemongrass, Ginger and Rosemary essential oils
• Nourishing Vegetable Protein and Organic Seaweed blend
• Made in England using natural ingredients
• Recommended for weakened, lacklustre hair

A powerful combination of Organic Flower Extracts, essential oils, Vegetable Protein and Organic Seaweed means our Wild Cow Shampoo packs a real punch, gently cleansing while helping restore strength and shine to dry, brittle hair that’s been damaged by brushing, blow-drying and colouring.


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