Five Ways to Unwind Mid-Week


Cowshed asked Jessica Sproson, Cowshed Educator & Training Manager, for her top tips to make it from Monday to Friday without getting stressed…1. Facial massage and steam
‘Because our Lavender Cleanser has so much of the essential oil in it, do a small massage routine when you’ve put the cleanser on. Use your knuckles, starting on your cheeks and working into your chin, then get your muslin cloth really warm and place it on your face for a lovely steam – it activates the essential oils which give a calming, relaxing fragrance. I do this when I travel to the Houses as they have the lavender cleanser in the bathrooms with a beautiful white flannel.’

2. Get moving
‘A gentle walk home followed by a really nice warming bath using Moody Cow Bath & Body Oil which has hormone-balancing fragrances in Ylang Ylang and Linden Blossom essential oils, which can help ease anxiety and tension.’

3. Bedtime rituals
‘I like to do some small bedtime yoga – about 5-15 minutes depending on what you want to do, using the on the hoof balm or sleeping balm for a foot massage before you get into bed. Just find a good tutorial online – my favourite is Yoga with Adriene (the foot massage is 9 minutes in).’

4. Brush up
‘A vigorous body brush before you get in the shower stimulates dry skin which is a particular problem at this time of year, then use Grumpy in the shower which has a detoxifying purpose because it contains grapefruit essential oils.’

5. Wine!
‘I like a nice red…’


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